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The story that follows on these pages is based entirely on the foundation of an original booklet written by F/O Pat Woodward. This foundation provided the structure and time line and the idea is that the story you are about to read here will be forever a book in progress, or a book in the writing if you will, whereby all the veterans and their families can add their own memories to the appropriate chapter. This will no doubt include memorable events or incidents both humerous and tragic in nature. Over time an interesting and wonderfull book should evolve of great personality,  the authors of which being all the veterans, families and friends of the 113 Squadron. It will be quite interesting to watch it grow and one can only wonder at what we will have in a few years time. It may never win a Writers Guild Award, but certainly it will be a treasured personalized bit of family history which can be passed down through the generations to come.  

If your reading this for the first time and can contribute something to the story, grab a bit of immortality! it is not important in the slightest what you contribute, only that you do. So pick up a pen and start writing. Go to the end of the sentence in the existing story where you feel your piece fits best and start writing from there, keeping in mind it should flow back into where the original story picks up again.

The only two requirements are that you are a 113 veteran, a friend of a 113 veteran, or family of one "no matter how remotely related". The second requirement is it should be somehow relevant to the squadron or someone who served on it. Remember! it is not important in the slightest what you write or how good your writing skills are, only that as a friend or family member you have contributed something to it!

To go about this, simply write your piece and send it in by letter or email telling me where to insert it. It's that easy! If your so hesitant that your absolutely not going to try, then please send in a short piece and I will blend it in to the story where I think it fits best.  



The History of the 113 Crusader Squadron was written by F/O Pat Woodward, which in it's original version was first published without pictures many years ago. Subsequently, Pat extensively revised the booklet in 2001 adding pictures and much new material. Both booklets were researched and printed at Pat's expense and distributed freely to who ever was interested. These booklets have circled the globe many times over. The material for the both versions came from personal experiences of his time with squadron, the sources as credited by Pat, and from his extensive research of the squadron records held at the Public Records Office in Kew.

This Booklet in it's original form, and signed by the author, is sadly no longer available but there is a possibility that at some point more will be printed up. An idea being toyed with is for the site to have more printed up and have them personally autographed by all the veterans of the squadron. It would make a wonderfull gift or memento that could be passed down through the family  and perhaps it could also be used as as a prize for whatever develops in the KIDS ONLY section of the site. This is however, only an idea at this stage and subject to Pat's blessing.

The original version of Pats book in it's entirety, (unfortunately without pictures) can be read by clicking here. ORIGINAL VERSION